Casey is an "Eclectic Entrepreneur."

She has a passion for helping others look, sound, and feel their best!

Bringing confidence to her clients so they can maximize their message. She is able to set her clients at ease in front of a camera and invites them to be their authentic self.

"When I look from behind the lens of my camera, I'm thinking one thing...'How can I capture the very essence of your​ message?'"

promotional videos, tour guide, inspirational workshops

Rev. Casey Hoffman, B.Msc.

Ordained Minister & Spiritual Counselor

Rooted in A Course in Miracles and Metaphysical Studies,

Casey follows a joy based philosophy. What is that? She uses JOY as her life's compass. Joy = Peace, Love, Light

Casey received her Minister's Diploma and is working toward a Master's Degree in Metaphysical Science through the University of Sedona. Casey hosts classes and workshops throughout the year and collaborates with a variety of gurus in the area. She is a published author. Her first book was Restless Souls, Peaceful Warriors. It is documentation of her 3 year spiritual journey. She has been documenting her life since youth. Her style of writing includes poetry and affirmative prayer. Automatic writing has been a tool for her personal growth throughout her life.

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